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The Trailer is out!

I’m excited to show you the Trailer I just made for the game! However, you will have to wait a little longer for the release of the game itself, planned for January 2013.

Please take a look, hope you like it 🙂



The music you can hear in the trailer were composed by the very talented Andrea Giachini!





How do the player interact with the world? How do the world interact with the player? Why does the player need to be silent? When/Why/How will the player be attacked/threatened?

All of those questions revolve around a core parameter in the game: the Visibility factor. The more high it is, the more the probability of an attack increases.


Your pursuer cannot really see you, mainly because it’s blind, but it’s very attracted to the noise. That’s why your visibility factor is determined by the noise you make.


For example, running or touching bushes makes you more visible. Additionally, a lot of events can occur everywhere in the map, randomly or not. It can be scared crows or animals fleeing away, the noise of a radio, a random lightbulb explosion, or the decision of breaking a door with a crowbar if you can’t find the keys.

In a futur post, I’ll give some explanation on how to interact with the stalker, and efficiently distracting him to survive the attacks.


First video of gameplay!

Here is the first gameplay video of the game.

It shows the flashlight, the use of flares, and the inventory display.


Keep in mind that it is an early alpha footage, and it will be improved in the final version!


This is a diagram showing the general behavior of the AI: spawn, idle, search, chase, idle, spawn…

The target can be altered using items (for example a flare to distract your pursuer).

As explained on the picture, the Visibility is a very important attribute. The more it increases, the more the AI is aggressive.



Just throwing flares everywhere and seeing what happens…

Actually, flares will be very rare and useful. You normally won’t be able to throw so many many flares at once.

I still encounter the glitch where rigibodies pass through the ground when thrown with force, though 😦