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The Trailer is out!

I’m excited to show you the Trailer I just made for the game! However, you will have to wait a little longer for the release of the game itself, planned for January 2013.

Please take a look, hope you like it 🙂



The music you can hear in the trailer were composed by the very talented Andrea Giachini!





Here are 5 new screenshots, showing some graphical improvement of the environment (visit the website for a higher quality: The Threat – WebSite).

The map is less empty. I added a lot of bushes, rocks, wood logs, crows and more, to give the world some additional “life”. I also reworked some textures, like the trees, or the terrain (now multi-textured).



Improved terrain

After hours of hard work, I finally succeeded to paint different textures all over the terrain! I currently use 3 different textures.

In addition, I did some improvement on the trees’ texture.




Just throwing flares everywhere and seeing what happens…

Actually, flares will be very rare and useful. You normally won’t be able to throw so many many flares at once.

I still encounter the glitch where rigibodies pass through the ground when thrown with force, though 😦



Here are the 6 screenshots you can find on the The Threat – Game page, +1 Slender bonus: