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The Trailer is out!

I’m excited to show you the Trailer I just made for the game! However, you will have to wait a little longer for the release of the game itself, planned for January 2013.

Please take a look, hope you like it 🙂



The music you can hear in the trailer were composed by the very talented Andrea Giachini!





I thought a lot about it, and I decided not to release the game for free, but for a little amount.
The more I work on the game, the more it becomes complex, and the more I spend time on it. I added a lot of features, improved the gameplay, the AI, and I’m trying to add some replay value (randomization is an important element in the game). For now, I still have a lot of work to do on the game performance.

Besides, I plan to acquire a Pro version on Unity 3D for my future games, and adding “The Threat” some nice post-effects(bloom, ambient occlusion, blur, chromatic aberration, …) and dynamic shadows.


Considering the game is now a commercial release, I will give you the best quality and game experience I can, hoping it will not disappoint you 🙂



When will the game be released?

According to me, the advancement of the game is about 60-65% (including all the modeling/texturing/mapping).

That’s why the release date won’t be that far. Possibly this year.

To the question “Will you release a demo version before the final one?”, my answer is “That isn’t planned”. However, if I decide, for some reasons, to add some big features to the game, or if the development is greatly slowed, I’ll think about releasing a technical demo version.

But don’t worry, I will post new screenshots/videos and gameplay elements as frequently as possible to make you wait 🙂